Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I'm not really sure what the whole 'derp' thing means, other than I've seen it sprinkled around the web, and I assume it's some kind of negative sobriquet? It rhymes with Serpy...and Serpy is bad...so...does that work? Ah, who cares. Serpy is indeed a very basic Snake game, in French, no less. It runs way too fast, and even if I was to slow it down, I can guess exactly what the gameplay is going to be like, so I'll just leave it as done. Good to get one under my belt.

Next up on the randometer is...Rockford: The Arcade Game. Me and my bro used to play a lot of Repton on the Beeb back in the day, and Repton was based on the Rockford games (I think it was that way around), and both stem from Boulder Dash. You have to explore a maze, collecting the diamonds and avoiding the falling rocks. I'm interested to see how this compares to Repton.

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