Friday, 27 March 2015


Okay, so it's another game I'm not going to finish...not a great run of form, I know. Forbidden Quest is an early text adventure, and it shares many of the foibles of early text adventures - it's really unforgiving, it has a horrible maze, it's full of dead man walking scenarios. The other thing that this game does really badly is it doesn't tell you where the exits are in each area that you enter. So, you might enter a building and it'll give a description of the building saying there's one room and you can't see anything there. So, quite sensibly, you exit the building and carry on. What the game neglected to tell you was that you were only in the first half of the room, and that if you'd have taken another step into the room then you would have found an object that is essential to your quest. Thanks game. This doesn't just happen every now and then, it happens all the time. It's not just room exits, either. There are also many object descriptions where you have to be psychic to work out you're supposed to interact with it. For example, pretty much every object in the game is covered with dust or dirt. Fine, you're on an alien planet that's just suffered from some kind of catastrophe (not to mention your ship crash-landing there), so there's bound to be a bit of mess around. But amongst all of this dust and dirt, there is one specific piece of dust that you need to take with you, and one specific piece of dirt that you need to search for clues. How are you supposed to know this? I have absolutely no idea. As I mentioned earlier, the game is also full of dead man walking situations where a door will slam shut behind you, or you'll climb up a cliff and be unable to get down again. This, combined with the fact that the game is full of essential but missable objects that you'll almost certainly miss leads to absolutely no fun whatsoever. I found myself trying to make a map and every step I took I'd check every direction to see if there were any hidden exits. Even so, I missed tons of invisible objects and found myself stuck later on and having to restart multiple times. You're even scored on the amount of steps you take (and there are some timed events), so you can't even afford to do this painstaking exploration. It's just immensely frustrating, and I don't have the patience for it right now. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Teleglitch! It's a rogue-like shooter from a few years ago. Pretty modern for me! It's supposed to be incredibly hard, which doesn't fill me with joy, but I might dip in and out taking in a bit of Marathon along the way.

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