Thursday, 26 March 2015


I'm playing a bit fast and loose here, but Treasure Trap is another one of those long games that you have to complete in one sitting, so I can't see myself getting very far with it. It does stick very faithfully to those old Spectrum Ultimate games - an isometric viewpoint where you have to traverse a maze of screens finding treasures on each one and avoiding the monsters that roam each screen - usually on set pathways, but some do home in on you. A touch from a monster is instantly lethal, but you do have a couple of Smart Fish that you can launch to gobble up any enemies that they come across - very handy in a room full of homing mines, but your supply is extremely limited. I presume you can pick up more of them, but I never found another in my travels. You also have an oxygen meter that is slowly depleted. There is quite a bit of oxygen sprinkled around the levels, so I never found this a problem, but then I didn't play the game for very long. Just like those early Spectrum games, it is frustratingly easy to die. Your character moves at a leisurely pace and has a very floaty jump (it is set underwater, so I'll let them off), and it is very easy to clip an enemy that you thought you'd missed and die in the process. One other thing is that doors between screens open really slowly. You'll often run to a door with a monster in hot pusuit only to be killed because the door took so long to open. I'm sure it's by design, but I think the game would have played better if the screen transition had happened the second you touch the door. Some doors are locked with keys that you have to collect, and I think it'd be fine to have those take a while to open, but regular doors that you can pass through at any time should be instant. So, another skip rather than a complete, but them's the breaks. I just don't have a dedicated time block to get through the game in one go. Onwards.

Next up on the randometer is...Forbidden Quest! It's a text adventure from 1983, so I'll see how I get on. I might hit the first Marathon game first.

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