Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Die More Edition

Don't worry, I'm not quitting another game yet, but I am going to move on. Teleglitch is a roguelike game and, like many in the genre, the game takes a lot of slow, incremental playing and dying to learn the ways of the game and gradually proceed. Teleglitch actually makes this a little easier by putting a spawn point every 5 levels allowing you to start a new character from there rather than having to go from the very beginning every time. I say that makes it easier, but Teleglitch is not an easy game. It may put a spawn point at level 5, but I haven't actually made it to level 5 yet to find it. That's not to say that I'm not going to - I'm enjoying my time with it - it's just that I'm going to play it in the background and dip into it every now and then rather than having it become a chore. So far I've been interspersing my time with a bit of Marathon, but I have to admit that I'm finding it a little frustrating. I'll say more about it when I do a post on Marathon (I'm half way through, so hopefully it won't be that much longer), but a couple of niggling points are slightly spoiling what would be a great game for me. Anyway, let's have another one-off to play in the meantime.

Next up on the randometer is...The Kristal! Looks like it's an early Cinemaware title. I haven't got on very well with their other games so far (and have encountered technical problems with them), but I'll see how this one goes.

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