Friday, 10 April 2015

Football Crazy

Annnnd that will do. I only ended up playing one half, but that was enough. In honour of one of my many (two) blog readers, I chose to play as the glorious Welsh against the nefarious Englishmen. The teams ran out to dancing cheerleaders, as they do in ...umm... every football match, and the English proceeded to put two goals past me while I tried to work out which key was 'kick' (turned out it was Tab...not my first guess). I then proceeded to charge about with gay abandon, kicking the ball willy-nilly all over the pitch and sometimes actually getting it in the vague direction of the goalmouth (much like the current Wales team). Needless to say, I never actually scored (ditto). We made it to half time with the score remaining at 2-0, and I gallantly decided to hot-foot it off the pitch and as far away from the stadium as possible. Bonus points do go to the sound design of the crowds clapping, which were like a beautifully soothing wave crashing against the shore. Lovely.

Next up on the randometer is...Die by the Sword! I remember this from the hype it got back in the day, and the magazine reviews of flailing arms and slicing swords. Should be fun! I might try and finish Marathon first, good to actually finish something all the way one of these days.

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