Tuesday, 7 April 2015


I tried with The Kristal, I really did. The game has quite a nice feel about it, from the main character's ridiculous name - Dancis Frake - to his wonderfully jaunty buccaneer walk. It all feels quite fun and light-hearted. There is a fatal flaw with it, though, it's virtually impossible to talk to people - a bit of a problem in a discussion-led adventure game. According to the manual, to talk to someone you walk up to them and press F1 (also the key to open the inventory, which I couldn't quite understand). I've tried this so, so, so many times. I've taken to moving around characters I want to talk to and hammering F1, and once every two-hundred or so keypresses I'll get lucky and the character will talk to me. I don't know if there's a particular position you need to be in, or what, but I couldn't get it to respond any more frequently. The rest of the game works fine, I've been able to travel to different planets (with an alien-shooting mini-game to reach them) and wander about finding loads of different items. I've been able to read descriptions of these items and use some of them from my inventory. I've been able to win sword fights against random high-speed enemies by continuously backing away and hammering the 'kick in the nads' button, but I just can't get the hang of talking to people. If I get lucky and a conversation starts then the actual talking is fine, it's just that initial getting their attention that is so hard. As I say, it doesn't help that this is a major point of the game, and it's so darned frustrating. So far in the game I've traveled to every planet and picked up loads of things, but I'm stuck trying to visit the king. I have an invitation to see him, but I need to talk to his guards to show them the invitation, but the buggers won't talk to me. I managed it a couple of times, but the conversation went wrong, but I can't get them to talk again. I actually did want to finish this one, but it feels like this game bug is going to stop me. So, onwards.

Next up on the randometer is...Black Gold! Looks like an oil drilling simulator/strategy game from the 80s. Can't say it's filling me with a great deal of hope. Oh well, maybe it'll be a quick one.

...and it's all in German, so I'll be skipping that. Next up on the randometer is...Extreme Assault! I remember getting a demo of this with the first graphics card I ever bought. Should be fun.

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