Monday, 20 April 2015

Scarab C. Nesbitt

I couldn't really get the hang of Scarab (or SCARAB, or S.C.A.R.A.B. ... Who knows?). It feels like a very multiplayer focused arena shooter, There obviously is a single player segment, but I think it's just a case of the multiplayer game with some bots thrown in. You play as an Egyptian god robot thing and have to fight other similar creatures. You can request various pick ups to be added to your mech, but I wasn't really sure if you had to find these as drop offs or if they were automatically added to you. I also couldn't find a manual anywhere, so the game was a bit of a mystery. Oh, and I couldn't really see the 'strategy' part of it, either, unless that was something to do with the upgrade drops? Maybe someone who has played it can explain it to me. The good bits - it was made for Win 95, but it booted up perfectly in Win 7x64. The bad bits - pretty much the rest of it. It felt slow, unimaginative, and very much of its time. Bizarrely, there is still an active fanbase of rabid players still plugging away at the multiplayer, so there must be something good about it, I just can't find it and I'm too tired to try any harder. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing! It's a motorbike racing game from the late '80s. I'll give it a quick go...might even try it now quickly. And, yeah. That's not really for me. It's an Accolade game, and it feels very similar to their old racing games like Hard Drivin', it even feels like they lifted the backgrounds straight from that game. Weirdly for a motorbike game, there's no sense of speed at all. You feel like you're pootling around the track at 30, not 130. Oh well, another one down.

Next up on the randometer is...Legends of Valour! I definitely remember this one from the mags. Always fancied playing it back in the day but never had a chance. This one could be quite fun. In series news, I've started Marathon 2, and made a little headway, but I'm not really enjoying it much. I'll keep ploughing through.

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