Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Baal Locks

So, Baal is pretty terrible. I had to slow things down in DosBox to make it playable, but that made the controls a little kludgy. To be honest, that could just be what they were like anyway. The PC port of the game is horrible compared to the Amiga version, but the basic gameplay is awful anyway. Apparently it's impossible to get to level 2 without cheating - needless to say I didn't make it that far. The problem is that not only is it very easy to die - touching an enemy, falling from a platform, stepping on a mine, etc. - but the game makes it very easy for you to become completely stuck at a dead end. You have a finite supply of fuel, and fuel pods don't respawn. So, if you use up all of your fuel and there are no fuel pods near you then it's impossible to continue. Great. And it's incredibly easy to waste fuel. Essentially, there are parts of the level where you have to use your jetpack to get from one pad to another, but you don't know where the other pad is (it could be anywhere on the massive level), and if you don't find it before your fuel runs out then you die. You're then teleported back to where you started from but with no fuel, so you're essentially stuck and have to start the game again. Ugh. I played it enough and got frustrated every time, so it's onwards for me.

Next up on the randometer is...Prophecy of the Shadow! Oooh, I always wanted to play this back in the day. It's an old SSI RPG, one of their first without the D&D licence and featuring digitised actors. I remember it looked pretty cool at the time. And I really must try and get through a bit more Marathon...never was a game more aptly named.

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