Monday, 8 June 2015


That's enough of Tintin on the Moon for me. It's one of those games from back in the day where every level is almost a completely different games in itself. I only made it as far as the first two, but the manual tells you what the others are like. It's from '89, and firmly set in the CGA-only era of the PC. There was an Amiga version that looked really nice, but the PC was horrible, horrible, horrible. The first stage sees you take off from the earth and you control Tintin's iconic space ship flying through the void in a Space Harrier-esque fashion, dodging asteroids and picking up blue and red spheres before your energy runs out - the blue ones are extra energy and you need to pick up 8 of the red ones to finish the level. It was absolutely impossible until I turned down the speed in DOSbox, then I was able to get through it. The next level is a platform affair where you have to run around the ship putting out fires and defusing bombs, and trying to catch the evil Jurgen. This is as far as I managed to get because my fire extinguisher ran out and I couldn't work out how to refill it. These two levels repeat a few times until you get to the last level, which involves landing on the moon itself. I just watched a Let's Play of the Amiga version, and it looks so much easier than the DOS version. Theirs is lovely and colourful and it's easy to make things out. In CGA it's virtually impossible to spot the fire extinguishers or the bombs to defuse. I don't know why they didn't call it Destination Moon, as that's the title of the book, and you don't actually play on the moon itself at all in this game. Ah well, I've given it a go.

Next up in the series is Tintin in Tibet. Let's hope it's as short as the last one!

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