Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Well, that must be one of the most hateful games ever, and I've played a few of them. Tintin in Tibet was made in the SNES/MD heyday and you can see that it was made for consoles first and ported to PC. It's a very typical platformer of that era, much like Aladdin and its ilk - dodge falling boulders, jump pits, that sort of thing. One thing that I will say is that it looks beautiful - especially after the previous CGA efforts. Just like the comics. But like those platform games of years ago, it's incredibly hard. One false move and it's instant death and you have to start the whole level again. There's something about Tintin in Tibet thought that makes it feel like it's got way more of those pain points than some other of those platformers did. Jumps are just that little bit wider, you don't see obstacles until a split second later...that kind of thing. If they'd just toned down the difficulty a little then it would have been a much more fun game - and I don't think this is just middle-aged me talking, I've read a lot of comments of people at the time saying they couldn't even get off the first level. It's that kind of game. Every level gets more and more frustrating than the last one. It's the kind of game that breaks joypads. I was determined to finish it, and made it to level 12 of 14 before having to call it quits. I'm stuck on a snowstorm level that I just can't get past. Essentially, it's the usual obstacles and pits level, but with a strong wind blowing you backwards making jumping those pits virtually impossible. Or in my case, actually impossible. I watched a video of the last couple of levels, and they look even more hateful than the one I'm stuck on now, so I don't feel like I'm missing much by not getting there. Prisoners of the Sun next, and I just hope it's not going to be as evil as this game...

...But I have a feeling it might be.

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