Thursday, 18 June 2015


I finished the final episode of Wolfenstein 3D over lunch today. I have to admit I used a map to find my way around some of the mazes that I was getting stuck in, but other than that it was a pretty fun game. Things I forgot about Wolfenstein, no. 1: you collect treasure. I'd completely wiped this from my mind. You actually run around picking up grails and crowns, etc., which seems very old-fashioned now. In fact, the game was very much score based. I guess Doom was as well to some extent, with its summary of kills, secrets, etc. at the end of every level, but it was beginning to move away from it and focus on the game itself. Thinks I'd forgotten, no. 2: There are only 3 guns in the game. Okay, there's a knife as well, but if you're down to that (which you will be on occasion) then you're in trouble. Luckily, they all use the same ammo. There's pretty much the same number of baddies, too, with a couple of extras added as the levels go on. The level progression is really weird, too. The first 3 episodes have the build up to you destroying Hitler, then the next three drop back in time and act as a prequel to the first three (and the Spear of Destiny expansion drops back again before those three). I know story was never really its strong point, but all that constantly going backwards in time does feel a little bit weird. Oh, and this is the first time that I'd played the original Wolfenstein before the 3D version, and you can really see the similarities - the enemies, the voices, just the feel of it - for such completely different games, they still create the same atmosphere. It's good to have mouselook working even back then (even though there's no up or down), but strafing is surprisingly awkward. Strafe was still bound to a single key back then, and as soon as you press that key then it affects the mouse movement as well, which is disconcerting. It meant that I basically only used strafing for the bosses, and even then I didn't really master it. I don't know if proper strafing arrives in Doom, or not until later. We'll have to see.

Next up is the Spear of Destiny expansion, which is basically more of the same. I think I'll take a break for a bit of Lost Vikings first. Gosh - I was just uploading the screenshot and I noticed that I only had 1 ammo left when I defeated the final guy - phew!

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