Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Jonesing Around

I just can't do it. Jones in the Fast Lane just isn't fun for me. It's exactly as I remember it, you have a 'board' that you move around with spaces that represent locations - places like the bank, a shop, university, burger bar, etc. Each of these locations has a special function or two, so you can buy various foods at the burger bar or you can get a job there, and so on. You spend each week (turn) working, eating, and getting a better education (so you can get a better job), and so it goes on. It's very, very repetitive, and is especially boring when playing a game against the computer. One thing that Jones is definitely not is fast! Each turn takes a while especially toward the end of the game where you and the AI are both traveling around a lot of different places on the board doing different things, and you have to sit and watch the computer's turn in real time...even reading all of the messages that pop up on the screen for him. It's just tedious! Ah well, maybe it would have been more fun in multiplayer, but it's just no fun for me. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...The Orion Project! I've never heard of it. Apparently it's a shareware space shooter, so will hopefully be a quick one. In the meantime, I'm making my way through TR2. I finished the Venice level last night - exactly as I remember it from cover disc demos - so it's onwards to the unexplored reaches of the game. It definitely hasn't quite got the same magic of the first game, though. Too many enemies and not enough standing around in silent contemplation.

...Aaand that didn't really work. It runs at the Speed of the Puma (TM), with asteroids flying at infinite speed towards you from every direction. Even slowing DOSBox right down didn't help at all. It basically looked like a very simple version of Asteroids - your ship is in the middle of the screen while space rocks head in your general direction, but I couldn't really get far enough into it to see if things changed later on. Ah well.

Next up on the randometer is...World of Goo! Looking forward to that one. It was one of the original indie darlings and I've owned it for years, but never played it.


  1. Oh my. That brings on all kinds of nostalgia. I remember loving Jones and recalled the lame poached burgers joke as soon as I saw the screenshot. Must've just hit it at the right time — or I'm way too easily amused.

    World Of Goo should be a treat, though. Delightfully weird sense of humour. Little Inferno is totally worth it, too — not that you need any additions to your list!

    1. I've not heard of Little Inferno. I'll have to add it to my mental maybe know, for when I finish the rest of my backlog and need something else to play :) If it comes up in a bundle I'll grab it.