Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I finished up Turok last night. It actually got a little trying toward the end because it kept on randomly crashing. It'd been doing it all along, but at the beginning the save points were close enough and the enemies easy enough that it didn't really matter...not so at the end. There was one point especially on level 7 where there was a bunch of incredibly difficult jumps (yay platforming in early 3D games) that I had to redo about 10 times because the game kept crashing. I was pretty close to quitting, but luckily I got through it. Anyway, the game - I'm sure you all know Turok, right? The dinosaur hunter? He's a native American guy who goes around shooting dinosaurs and other evil stuff. I lost track of the back story, but there was some evil guy who came down from space to do... something?... and I killed him. All good clean fun. It was originally (I think) an N64 game, and it's got that chunky feel about it. The graphics are pretty cool, especially when the dinosaurs start getting cybernetics - the triceratops with missile launchers strapped to its back is my favourite. Oh, and of course there is a t-rex with lasers for eyes! You have to traverse a bunch of levels finding keys so you can open the final level and defeat the big bad. It's quite a standard early 2D FPS in some respects. There aren't millions of monsters, but they do respawn, which keeps you busy. There's some great level design - early 3D games were often keen to showcase just how '3D' they were, so there are massive towering structures that you have to work your way up, with intricate walkways strung between them. It would look much better if the fogging wasn't so bad, but hey, that's how it was in those days. The weapon selection is varied and pretty fun, with some great big hitters in there - the exploding shotgun was a personal fave. It was good fun and the levels were different enough to keep the interest up. A few annoyances - particularly evil jumping and some annoying mazes, but otherwise a good experience. First game of the year down, onwards!

Next up on the randometer, it's: Burger Time! I remember playing this one on the Beeb! You essentially have to construct giant burgers while avoiding the evils chasing you. It's a fairly simple arcade game as far as I remember, so shouldn't take long. I also made it a little further in TR3 - now in London (with vultures!).

<Later Edit> Hmmm, just tried Burger Time and DOSBox won't even start it, so not sure what's going on there. Ah well, I don't think I'm missing much. Next up on the randometer is...The First Templar! Don't know much about this one, except that I picked it up in a recent bundle. I think it's a fairly recent game (2011), so it'll make a nice change.

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