Friday, 26 February 2016

The grind

I'm on a roll! I pretty much spent the whole of last night searching for the last few gold bricks in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. My, that game is just FULL of busywork. Max and I finished the game a while back, but the story itself is only about 20% of the game. The rest is wandering round for hours doing side missions and races and other random stuff...oh, and redoing the entire game a second time. There are something like 150 characters, 250 gold bricks, 40 vehicles and 20 red bricks, each of which is a separate unlock with a separate task associated with it. That is a LOT of stuff to do. It kind of goes beyond the point of fun and into an obsession, but there we are, I finally did it. The game itself is good fun. Pretty standard Lego fare - running around beating up evil minifigures and collecting studs. The best part was playing it through with Max. It's the first game we've played co-op and it was cool. We've since finished the Lego Movie game, and are onto the Lord of the Rings yes, I'm going to have to go back and try and 100% them. By all accounts, the Lego Movie game is much shorter, which is a relief. I don't know, I can see their reasoning that kids will just want to rush through the story mode and the adults can do all the hard work...but that much hard work isn't exactly fun for adults, either. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but if it had been 150 gold bricks rather than 250, then I would have been just as happy.

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