Thursday, 3 March 2016


Aaannndd, Ball Race is pretty much exactly as I expected. You are a ball and you race. The game isn't even complete (as the instructions inform you), being made for modem play and aiming to be updated later, so none of the planned extras like oil slicks and torpedoes don't make it into this version. All you can do is race onwards slowly. I'm not even sure if it ever ends. I did 8 laps and gave up. Anyway, it's a nice quick one out of the way!

Next up on the randometer is...Mysterious Song! Never heard of it.Apparently it's a freeware console-style RPG, so might be fun. I'm also going to knock a couple more PS3 games off the list. Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Pixeljunk Monsters. I've played a little of Tekken over the years, but I'm pretty rubbish at it. This version was mostly made to be played online, which I'm not going to do, so there isn't much story to it pull me through. I'm not going to go through and try and complete it with every character 'just because', so I'm going to call it done for now. Pixeljunk Monsters is a fun little tower defense game with the slight difference that you control an actual character rather than just a cursor, and the character can upgrade towers by standing over them and doing a little dance. You also need to run around as your character and pick up coins that destroyed enemies drop. It all adds an extra element to the game, and it's all pretty enjoyable. The reason I'm calling time on it is because I actually played a lot of it back when I first got my PS3 and completed most of it. Of course, that was three PS3s ago, so my save games are long gone (this was back before online storage) and I can't quite face going back through it all again now.

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