Thursday, 3 March 2016

Odd Aliens

I'm going to call a halt on Alien Odyssey. I got about half way through the second level (out of 4) but I've reached a door that I can't get through. I've tried all of the consoles nearby to open it, and the strange musical key I have, but to no avail. I also checked a walkthrough, but as far as I can tell I've done everything they did there but their instructions say 'walk through the door', and my game says NO. I'm sure there is just a switch somewhere miles back that I missed, but the game's not that fun and I really can't be bothered going back to check every room to find it.

The game itself is kind of a '90s slow action game with pre-rendered graphics. It's split into 4 stages, two of which are vehicle-based, and the other two are on foot. I finished the first vehicle one, a speeder-bike chase through some woods - no prizes for guessing the inspiration - where you have to destroy the robot pilots while keeping your strange lizard friend safe. It took me quite a few tries, but I made it in the end. Next up is the first on-foot section, which consists of exploring a comms bunker. Your character ambles along pretty slowly, firing at anything that moves and avoiding any traps by using his fantastic jump. There are also two sets of keys you need to find to open various doors - one a musical key that you find various cartridges for. Each cartridge allows your machine to play a different note and you have to have the correct cartridges to play back the sequence of notes that each door plays. There are also some doors that you need robot hands for, and others that you need to use a computer terminal to open. The terminals can also do other things like raise bridges or call repair drones. The graphics are pretty good, and there is a bit of story. If I'd owned this in the '90s I probably would have persevered, but now...meh.

Next up on the randometer is...Ball Race! Apparently it's a CGA racing game from the '80s. Might give it a quick go at lunch then move on. I'm also making slow progress with The Last Revelation. Don't think I'm anywhere near the end yet, and I've lost track of my objective a bit, but I feel like I'm still moving forward.

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