Thursday, 10 March 2016


Fist Puncher is done and (knuckle) dusted. It's quite a short game (although it felt a bit too long at times) and is a complete homage to early beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage. Your character moves right across the stage (yes, it's always right) biffing baddies in the face as they go. Really, there's not much more to it than that. There are a load of characters to unlock, each offering different attacks and special moves, and you can upgrade each character as they play, increasing their base statistics and unlocking perks for them - special abilities that mostly draw from the same pool, but some are unique to each character. This all adds a bit more playability, but it still doesn't offer much variety beyond the standard walk, punch and jump kick. Some of the characters have projectile weapons for special moves - guns, freeze rays and (my favourite) bees, and they do feel a little bit overpowered at times. For example, I played as the beekeeper for most of the game, and could quite happily sit at the back of the screen launching hordes of killer hornets at the approaching baddies, never really needing to get in close and punch people...which kinda takes something away from a beat-em-up. Many characters can deflect projectiles by kicking them away, but it fails enough times that the basic strategy still works. The graphics are all done in an 8-bit style, which is all fine - it's not the kind of game where super hi-res eye-wow graphics are really going to make much of a difference. That said, I do think that the slightly higher-res 16-bit graphics of the Scott Pilgrim beat-em-up are better than these because they do allow that bit more detail. There were a few special levels, like motorbike chases or fights on top of moving trucks, but they didn't really offer that much variety. The most annoying ones by far were one where the level was full of lawyers as well as baddies, and if you hit a lawyer the level immediately ended - I lost track of the number of times I redid that one, and one where you had to ride an ostrich through a minefield. Both of those things probably sound quite fun - and they were initially - but when you're redoing them for the 20th time because the ostrich controls are shoddy or because the lawyers actually run towards you instead of avoiding all gets a little annoying.It was fun, but all a bit samey, and there didn't need to be quite as many levels as there were. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Enclave! I don't know too much about this one. It's a fairly recent 3rd-person action adventure game, apparently. Could be fun.Back to Tomb Raider for a bit first, which feels like it's going ever so slowly, but I must be getting somewhere in it.

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