Friday, 22 April 2016


It's been a long while since a post, so sorry about that. Lots of reasons - work changes, life changes and, of course, playing through a long couple of games, but I finally finished Tomb Raider Chronicles last night. I actually really enjoyed the game side of Chronicles. The previous game was a bit of a slog, but this one felt much fresher and slightly more light-hearted (and being a bit shorter certainly didn't hurt). The framing story is that Lara is believed dead from the end of the last game, and her friends have gathered to reminisce and swap stories about Lara's greatest adventures, and those are the adventures that you play. There are four separate stories, and each of those is split into about 3 levels. It made everything feel a lot more compact and manageable and kept the pace up. It also lent the game a bit more variety with different locations and different time periods. It was one of the most fun Tomb Raiders for a while. I particularly liked the Lara-does-horror Ireland section, which was a nice change from the norm. The actual framing story didn't really go anywhere, though, with Lara starting off presumed dead, and ending up...presumed dead, with Von Croy finding her backpack and proclaiming that he'd found her. We'll have to see how the next game goes. Next in the TR series is The Angel of Darkness, which was the last of the Core Design games, and the last we saw of Lara for a while. They gave Lara a slightly more gothy edge (as was strangely popular at the time) and added another playable character. It was apparently rushed to release and was a bit buggy, and I remember it getting terrible reviews at the time, I'm looking forward to it with mixed emotions. From the first level that I had a quick go at it looks like they've messed with the control scheme a bit, and it feels a lot slower than the normally fluid Lara that I'm used to. Ah well, I'll see how it goes.

I've also been slowly playing Enclave alongside Chronicles. I've finished the Light campaign and made a start on the Dark one. It's a bit samey, but I'll continue playing through it. Looking forward to finishing it and starting a new game, though.

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