Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Greyed Out

And...that lasted about as long as I thought it would. First, credit to Edward Grabowski's The Blue & The Gray for being detailed and quite nicely presented, but minus points all the way for everything else. I'm not a big grognard, and if I was going to pick a war then the American civil war would probably be bottom of the pile. There's just not much here to interest me. It's also crazily overwhelming to a beginner. It's not like, say, an RTS where you start with one unit and build from there. In this game you begin with an absolute tonne of units spread across the entire US, with your opponents having the same. It might be historically accurate, but it's a huge slog trying to go through all of your units and micro-managing them. In the end, I just decided to focus on a core group of 5 units and let the others fend for themselves. It took me about ten turns to actually get my troops anywhere near the enemy (and those turns were soooo slooow), and even then the enemy kept running away. When I finally managed to engage them, they just out-and-out slaughtered me in a matter of seconds. Great. Obviously, I didn't play it in the manner it should be played, but even so, it's probably one of the least welcoming games I've played. Anyway, there we go, onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Knights of Pen and Paper! I actually played quite a bit of this a while back. No idea how long the game actually is, but it'll be fun to get back into it.

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