Monday, 3 October 2016


So, act 3 of Inquisitor, 57 hours in...crash. No problem, I think I've mentioned that it's quite a buggy game and crashed fairly frequently. I'll just load it back up again and...hmmm...that's odd, my last save game won't load. Not to worry, I've got another one and...hmmm...that save game won't load either. Panicking a bit now, but I've still got another fairly recent one...And that one's corrupt also. I have another two that do seem to work, but those are from months ago. I hit the internet to try and find some help, but nothing. It seems like the save corruption bug is a fairly common thing, and the only answer is to keep more save games. Great. So that's it. There's no way I'm going back through the game again. It was always a bit of a masochistic slog the first time, and I'm not such a masochist that I'm going to repeat it. For all of that, it wasn't a terrible game. The writing was actually pretty good, with a lot of unique characters and heavy script. It also had the kinds of themes you don't see in games very often. So the world and the lore were high points. The combat was a bit annoying (and the game balance was waaay off), but it was just about manageable. It had actually started to get a bit easier toward the end, as I'd learnt some pretty decent spells that meant I could one-shot most enemies from a distance, and my companions weren't dying on me quite so often. There were a lot of quests and side quests that kept things interesting, and the locations were fine - a bit samey, but it was set in a slightly modified reality of Earth, so there were never going to be any spectacular fantasy landscapes. It's just a shame that the whole thing was so buggy. There we are; Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Sango Fighter - a Chinese beat-em-up based in the Three Kingdoms period. Never heard of it. I might give it a quick go now. ... And, that was quicker than I thought. The game seems to be entirely in Chinese and the keys don't seem to work. Ah well. From what I saw of it, it looked like quite a fun SNES-era beat-em-up with an interesting looking character roster. Not to worry. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic! It's a pixel RPG-lite from last year. Should be interesting. I'll also carry on with Fallout - I've just finished the first town there, so on my way. In other news, the recent bundle splurge has now carried my Steam games list to over 1000...eek!

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