Monday, 17 October 2016


Ugh. I can't be doing with Oscar anymore. It's exactly as tedious as I remember it being. In fact, I'm actually surprised at how well I do remember it seeing as it was just a throwaway demo on a cover disk. Think of a platforming horror story and it'll be present in Oscar - it's just terrible. The movement somehow manages the impossible feat of being treacly, slippery and floaty all at the same time. The controls are unresponsive (and this is exactly how I remember it from back in the day, so I don't think it's an emulator issue). Hitting enemies knocks you back - usually off a platform. Jumping is imprecise (criminal for a game where you kill enemies by jumping on them - and there are hundreds of pixel perfect jumps). Once you fall off a platform, the route back up is usually tortuous. Enemies are hard to see against the background. Graphics are garish and horrible and hard to parse. There are invisible platforms that aren't revealed until you happen to jump into them. Lots of instant deaths when you fall off the screen. It's a much bigger game than it has any reason to be. Oh, just everything. It's a terrible game. Worst of all, apparently it's a re-skin of another game by the same developer - Trolls - so I've probably got that to look forward to. Oh well, on the good side there's a new Trolls movie just coming out so all these mentions might earn me a random hit or two! (Actually, if you squint in the screengrab, you can probably see there's a troll worked into the background here, next to the main character.) Onwards - to  something better, please.

Next up on the randometer is...Cthulhu Saves the World! Cool. It's an RPG by the same people who made Breath of Death VII, which I started years ago and never got around to finishing - I wonder if I've still got my save files lying around (BoD, not CSW). I'll also make a start on Fallout 2.

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