Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Yeah...about Energie Manager...I'm not going to be playing that for much longer. Some half-remembered A-level German will only get me so far. The first game didn't go well at all, I blew all my funds on a posh place in Frankfurt and the bank called in my loan the next month. Second game went a bit better. This time I bought a little dive in Bonn and fitted it out with some cheap toilets and tables. 1 cook and a couple of waiters later and I was on my way. I'm not really sure how the eco aspect comes into it. As far as I can tell, it seemed to be saying that eco stuff is really expensive, so you've got to start with all of the worst fittings before you can upgrade to the stuff that's good for the environment...not really the best message to teach people. The exception seems to be that you can get a delivery bike for cheap and it's much greener than the other options. Of course...you're much better off getting a knackered old estate car and running tons of orders around the city in that. I'm sure it does all make a lot more sense if you're German and into hardcore management sims...but...meh.

Next up on the randometer is...Mars: War Logs. Ooh, a fairly recenty RPGy thingy. Could be fun.

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