Monday, 27 February 2017


And, that wasn't great. I don't think I even got the chance to pass the ball. From every kick off, the opposing team would just run through my boys and score a try. League is a very stop-start game compared to Union, with a reset on every tackle. More akin to American Football, I guess (though I don't really know either game that well). This means that instead of making a tackle and being able to contest the ball, instead, I make a tackle and the ball remains in their possession ready for them to run at me again. I *think* there are 5 tackles before there is a change over, but the maximum I ever got was 4 before they surged over the try line yet again. Like most sports games, it would have been more fun against another human player sitting next to you rather than against the computer who, even on the lowest difficulty, seemed to have no trouble at all weaving through my bunch of diving loonies. It did seem like it could have been quite fun - a bit like the Sensi of rugby, with tiny figures bombing around the place, but the accuracy and immediacy wasn't there for me. I think my crowning achievement was driving their scrum back a few metres (by hammering the Up key), but they still just shipped it out along the backs and ran in yet another try. Unless anyone fancies popping around for a quick 2-player game, I think I'm going to move this one into the Done pile. That's quite a long run of games that I haven't given more than a 10-minute look in, now, but I don't mind that too much. It's good to be getting through them. Fallout 3 is still giving me plenty of opportunity for getting my teeth into a deeper game.

Next up on the randometer is...Virtual Pool! Okay...well, I guess it'll be another quick one. Similar to the League/Union split, I've probably played more snooker than pool but hey, let's give it a go.

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