Monday, 27 February 2017

More Balls

I have definitely played Virtual Pool before - we may even have had the same cracked version back in the '90s. I remember the graphics and the controls well. There's not really much to say about it - it's a great pool game for the time, with a really good feel. Everything behaves as it should, and I found myself cursing when I missed a shot in exactly the same way as I do when playing real pool. You know when you miss that it was your fault. There's no time pressure, no external factors, it's all just down to the fact that you aimed incorrectly or didn't use enough power. The controls are great, with the mouse responding beautifully as a cue and a satisfactory clack from the kissing balls. The ragtime music dittying away in the background gets a bit grating after a while, but it's easy enough to turn it off. Again, it would be much better playing against a real person, but otherwise I think this is a great game of pool, and one I'd be very happy to sit down with a mate and a couple of beers and while away the hours as Scott Joplin plays and cue ball spins across the baize.

Next up on the randometer is...(no more sports games please)...Moonshine Racers! Never heard of it. Apparently, it's an early '90s racing game where you have to deliver booze and avoid the cops. Could be fun.

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