Tuesday, 21 February 2017


I know, I know, I didn't give Tornado a fair trial, but I've just come back from a week away, and it's the last thing that I want to pick up again. And I did try - I flicked through the whole 73 page manual, and read little bits here and there. I tried to follow the tutorial and failed miserably - it's not my fault that the first key that I was supposed to press didn't appear to have any effect at all. So, in the end, I turned it into an arcade-athon using just the cursor keys to move and Space to fire the big guns. Needless to say, it wasn't very successful. Ah well, it was exactly what I was expecting really, a hardcore flight sim that was never going to be my cup of tea. I knew it when I first saw the adverts on the back of PC Zone, and I still know it now: Tornado is not the game for me. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Iron Assault! It's a giant robot mech game from the mid '90s. Another one that I remember well from mags of the time. Can't remember if I ever played a demo of it...it vaguely rings a bell. Looking forward to it (as long as it's more arcade than sim).

...And, I can't get it working. Even tried burning the install files onto a real CD (TM). Haven't used one of those in a long time! I could dig further, but, to be honest, I'm keen to move one. So, next up on the randometer is...Mystery of the Mummy! Not one I know. It's an icon-driven adventure game from the late '80s. Could be fun.

In other news, I have been chugging along with Fallout 3. Still doing side quests and exploring the wasteland, without really picking up the main quest at all. The crashing is still driving me nuts, but I'm determined to make my way through the game. It's a series I love too much to give up on. I also just bought the most ridiculously massive bundle of games ever, so my list has grown by about 50 titles. I'm an idiot.

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