Monday, 20 March 2017

Lost Enthusiasm

Just a quick note about Lost Valley. I had a go at playing it a couple of times over the weekend, but it kept crashing, and I just can't face another super-buggy game. I can't really complain, it's an old Windows homebrew game that I'm trying to play in a modern operating system, and to be fair, when it does work, it works fine, but after a few minutes play it'll spit an error message and lock up. Otherwise, it could have been quite fun - it's an action RPG split into two main parts, an overworld map (top-down) and dungeon exploration (side-on). It's obviously inspired by Zeldas of old. In the map sections, you run around bashing baddies and looking for cave entrances that will either give you some information or open out into a dungeon. There are also plenty of unpassable areas that require some kind of item to get through. So far, so Zelda. When you enter a dungeon, it changes to a side-on perspective and introduces platforms and jumping. You perform the same essential task of baddie-bashing and searching for items/equipment to help you to proceed, but it's a lot more action oriented. And...that's about as much as I can tell you, as it always crashed before I could make much headway on the world map beyond the first dungeon. Graphically, it's all good and colourful stuff. Apparently it's all sprite rips taken from other console games, but I didn't recognise them and it's done very well. According to the internet, it's quite a long game with a huge map (and it certainly appeared that way, comparing what I'd explored on the map screen with the amount of blank space still to fill), unfortunately, I'm unable to get any further with it. Onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Crazy Cows! ... which I have absolutely no idea about, so it'll be a fun one to explore.

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