Monday, 5 June 2017

Savagely bejeweled elephants

The kids have been on half term for a week (and still are today - thanks, inset days!) so no lunch times available for gaming. That means I haven't made as much headway as I'd hoped in Grim Fandango. I think I'm about half way through - just left Rubacava on my boat. Maybe I'll get through it this week if I have time. I'm purposefully avoiding Fallout 4 until I've got a few more games under my belt. That one will probably suck up the rest of the year! So what have I been doing? Not a great deal, but I have had a quick go on a few more PS3 games on weekend mornings that I'm going to call time on. First up is Elefunk, that I thought I'd signed off on years ago, but I can't find mention of it. It's a basic Bridge Constructor-style game, where you have to build a bridge between two sides of a chasm using whatever struts and supports the level provides you with. The odd title comes from the fact that when you've finished a level an elephant walks across it, and you pass the level if it makes it to the other side safely. I have to say that I am completely rubbish at this game (and all others like it). I obviously just don't have an engineering brain. But also think that maybe it's not all my fault, and that this game is incredibly hard. I can barely make it through the first level, and find the second level impossible. So, bah to Elefunk.

Next up was Bejeweled 2. Bejeweled is the godfather of match-3 games in the modern era, with Pop Cap taking the Puyo-Puyo formula and making it mainstream. This thing was massive back in the day. Bejeweled 2 doesn't bring much to the formula, adding a few different game modes and a couple of special gem types. Still, Max absolutely loved it, and it's easy to see how you could wile away the hours entranced by it. There are still a couple of game modes that I never unlocked, but I doubt they were *that* different to the standard formula. I also didn't get very far with the puzzle mode, which is as close as bejeweled gets to a story mode, but meh, it's Bejeweled, there isn't much else to see or say about it.

Finally, I played a little bit more of Savage Moon, and I think I'm going to call it a day for now. Savage Moon is a fun tower defence game that was one of the first 3D/HD affairs in the genre while most of the others were still on phones/in Flash. It's set in a sci-fi universe where you're protecting mining facilities on various moons against the rampaging alien hordes. It's a great example of the genre, but it doesn't really innovate much, and it is a little slow paced. I've got to the stage where each level takes about an hour to play, but there isn't really much variety between them. I feel like I've seen most of what it's got to offer and it hasn't grabbed me enough to play any further, so I think I'm going to call time on it. Too many other PS3 games to get through, but it's good to sign off a few more. Hopefully back to PC soon. Onwards!

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