Monday, 23 October 2017

Good 'Elf

Elfland 1 and 2 turned out to be pretty much two halves of the same game, and it didn't take long to plough through them. It was a shareware title, so the first game was originally given away for free, while you had to pay for the second game. Strangely enough, they actually re-released a tarted up version on XBox Live Arcade a few years back, which is bizarre. The game is basically a fairly simple platformer. You play as an elf (male or female) and have to save your village from disaster at the hand of trolls. In the first game, you travel through the left gate of the village to visit the wizard Gorgimer to get a potion that you'll need to defeat them. Once that's done, the first game is over and when you start the second game, you move out of the right gate from the village and go to visit the wizard's brother, Mortimer, to grab some armour to defeat the troll king. You can move around and jump about (jumping further if you take a running start) as is fairly normal, and you pick up flash berries that you can throw at creatures to stun them. That's one of the differences between this game and others, you can only ever stun enemies, never defeat them. You can pick up more powerful berries that stun them for longer, or take less hits to stun, or home in on enemies, and so on. It's sometimes quite hard to hit the enemies, but in general it works well. You can also find berries that replenish lost health, and even potions that add more to your total health bar. That's basically it, you traverse the platform worlds finding objects or keys to solve various puzzles/quests. At the end of each game, you fight a boss monster that tends to
be a million times harder than what you've fought so far - in the first game it's Gorgimer's pet...beholder?...and in the second game it's the troll king (there's also a giant bird, but you don't fight that as such, just lead it out of the way so you can sneak past it). These boss monsters are frustratingly hard compared to everything else, but the game allows you to save anywhere, so at least you're able to retry them as many times as you'd like. The games are nothing amazing - not hidden gems by any means - but for what they are, they're absolutely fine. Onwards!

Next up on the series list is another shareware game, but this one's slightly more well known. It's Doom! Man, I've played a lot of Doom and Doom 2 over the years. Not tried 3 yet, so I'm looking forward to that. I know the games pretty well, so it shouldn't take too long to get through the first two (in fact, I was so excited that I've already played through the first episode of Doom!). Very much looking forward to the series. I'll also try and get through a bit more Endwar. Can't say I'm enjoying it hugely, but it's solid so far.

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