Tuesday, 19 December 2017

2D or not 2D

Well, the answer is Not 2D. I had an old version of the file that was all in Russian and didn't seem to do very much. I looked around on the internet and found a newer version and an English translation on a Russian site, so downloaded that, but now my virus scanner won't let me open it. Not sure if it's because it's from a Russian site and it doesn't like it or if there's genuinely something up with the file, but it doesn't look like it wants to play nice. From what I saw of the early version, it doesn't look that stunning, so I'm not too bothered about giving it a miss. Next up on the Doom series is another slightly odd sidetrack, Doom the Roguelike! It's quite an old-school Roguelike, so I'm not sure how long I'll spend with it, but I'll give it a go. (I probably should have split these out from the official Doom series, but hey!) I want to try and get through a bit more of C5R first, though. I've made a bit more progress on the world map and have a couple more members in my party. I have to admit it hasn't really grabbed me yet, though, and I keep getting distracted by other things - I blame a reader of this blog for getting me a single, innocent pack of Magic cards recently, and getting me completely addicted to M:tG again through Forge. I'm hopeless!

In other news, I've also finished off a PlayStation Mini on the PS3 called Hero of Sparta. It's a cheap and cheerful God of War knock-off that first appeared on iPhone. You play a bloke (backstory unimportant) who needs to wander through various levels hitting monsters. At the end of each level you collect a new weapon or piece of armor, but to be honest they're all much for muchness. There was mention of weapons leveling up, but I never saw any evidence of this in the game. There were also various moves for each weapon, but to be honest, you could just hold down the attack button and have it auto-target the nearest fiend and belabour it. Every now and then (more now than then towards the end) you'd encounter a tougher monster that you could perform a QTE death move on to earn extra health, which was a pleasant enough diversion for a while. It's nothing special, a 4/10 game in almost every category, but what saves it is that it's easy enough and quick enough to consistently progress through it, and the environments and monsters are interesting enough to want to see more. There are a few boss monsters that are more of a challenge and keep you on your toes. The biggest problem was the ending, which was a massive let down - I didn't expect much, but I expected more than that. Ah well, onwards!

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