Thursday, 25 January 2018

Hello 2018!

It's been a bit of a funny start to the year, but I'm finally here. Family craziness, moving house and busy work have meant not much in the way of gaming or posting about gaming. Somehow, it's almost the end of the month, so I thought I'd better get this up before January disappears.

Just looking at the post count when I logged on, I noticed that last year had the least amount of posts since I started the blog. I didn't feel like I wrote that much less, I think it was more that I played a lot of long games (e.g. the Fallout series) and didn't get much done in between. As is traditional, let's have a look at the stats to see if that is right.

This time last year we started out with:
   Done: 531
   Total: 4353
   Completed: 12.1%

Here's where we stand at the start of 2018:
   Done: 597
   Total: 4579
   Completed: 13.0%

Which means, for all you maths fans out there, my totals for the year were:
   Done: 66
   Total: 226
   Completed: 0.9%

So, that's actually not far off what I did last year. 3 fewer games completed and 60 fewer purchased...which still sounds slightly bonkers. I know it's mostly bundles and PS Plus, but that's still crazy numbers of new games. I am never, ever going to get through my backlog! I really don't remember buying that many games...but saying that, I've already bought a bundle and some things in a GOG sale this month, so I can see how it happens! PS Plus is 6, sometimes 7 games a month, so let's call it 76 last year (just to give us a round number), that means I bought 150 games last year. That's almost 3 a week. Bonkers. I've got to get that number down if I'm ever going to make any kind of headway. You can do it, Ben...keep your fingers off that 'Buy' button!

What about what I actually got through last year? Mostly, I remember it as the year of Doom and Fallout, but I also made an effort to get back on the PS3 and play through a few games before they shutter it.I still haven't really found a good time to play it (and evenings and weekends are now full of unpacking and DIY), but there's still a lot of stuff on there that I really want to play. Biggest disappointment of the year? Hmm...Unnatural Selection? I've wanted to play it for years, but I just couldn't get into it at all. Dominus? It looked right up my alley, but ended up just being a bit guff. Landit Bandit? Those controls just drove me mad. But no, I think the biggest disappointment for me was Mechanic Escape. I guess it's maybe unfair to call it a disappointment, as I didn't have any preconceptions moving into it, but it looked like it should have been a good game and ended up being a frustrating, badly programmed mess. So, yeah, bums to you, Mechanic Escape. What about game of the year, then? There were a few gems sprinkled here and there. The Wonderboy 3 remake was a great reimagining of one of my childhood favourites. Dream Quest was a great little time waster. Ascendancy was far more fun than I thought it would be. Grim Fandango was just as fantastic as I remembered. I think in the end, though, it's got to come down to the two big series, Fallout and Doom. Both of them took up a lot of my gaming life last year, and both are pretty fantastic through and through. I gave last year's GotY award to Fallout, though, so I think this year it's the turn of Doom 2. It's still a dream to play to this day, and I think Final Doom went on to show what the game was capable of. It was an absolute classic on release and still is. If it wasn't for the gore fest that it is, I'd start Max on it for his gaming education (and don't recommend Super Noah's Ark as an alternative...that's just not in the same league).

As is always the way after a break from playing, I come back feeling like I want to play something new, but I'll try and keep to it. I'm probably going to give Doom: The Roguelike pretty short shrift, but I'll give Challenge of the Five Realms a bit more time - it's just such slow going. I'm only on the second town in the first realm, so there's still a lot more to go. I'd better get busy.

A belated Happy New Year to one and all. Keep your thumbs on your thumbsticks and joy in your joypads.