Monday, 26 March 2018


And that'll do for Atomino. It's a simple (in terms of ruleset, not in terms of mastery) puzzle game about connecting atoms. Essentially, you place atoms on a grid. Each atom has 1-4 'arms' for making connections. Your mission is to create the required number of molecules by placing atoms until there are no more free 'arms' on your molecule. So, the simplest molecule would consist of two atoms with 1 arm each. These arms would join and you'd have a complete molecule. The twist, like all of these games, is that you're being supplied with random atoms each turn, and you have to place them against the clock to complete your molecules. It's actually a really neat twist on the falling block genre (which it kind of is). To mix things up a little, you also have different objectives on each level. Some are simple things like "create 4 molecules of at least 9 atoms each", while others switch the game on its head asking you to remove molecules or to create molecules that fit a specific shape. It's great fun, and if you're into puzzle games then I'd recommend it. For me,

Next up on the randometer is...3-D Dinosaur Adventure! Looks like an edutainment title, so not sure how much game there'll be.

In other news, I've also completed another mini on the PS3 - Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess. It's an extremely short game where you have to jump up a tower from platform to platform chasing a monster, and you have to double-jump into each monster to defeat it. There are only 5 levels, so it's easy enough to complete it in its most basic form. Of course, the point of the game is that you're supposed to score-attack it and try and maximise your combos before defeating the monster...but who has time for that? I've also finished off the main campaign of Doom 3. Two more level packs to go before it's done, though.

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