Monday, 30 April 2018

Reneging Command

I need to apologise to Carrier Command. It looks like a great game. It was ahead of its time. It features in the 1001 Videogames You Must Play Before You Die. In so many ways it's one of those games that this blog was started for, so I can play the missed classics and get a feel for them. just leaves me cold. I want to give it the time and the head space that it deserves, but I don't have either. It's one of those games that starts up and presents you with a screen full of icons, and you will have no idea what they do. You can't fire it up quickly and play for a bit to get a feel for it because you can't even move without reading the manual. And I have tried to read the manual. It's a good manual. Nothing wrong with the instructions it gives, but nothing in there fills me with excitement to go ahead and try it. I have moved a boat. I have launched a Mantis. I have fired a laser. None of those things made me want to repeat them. I don't know if it's a symptom of the larger mid-life ennui I'm feeling, but I just want something braindead and splashy. You could argue that's exactly what Doom is, and you'd be right, but even that has lost a little of its lustre. To make it even worse, I've bought quite a few random games in sales recently that I really didn't require. It's a cold, rainy day out there, and maybe what I really need is a good old RPG blanket I can wrap myself in. Fingers crossed to the random gods.

Next up on the randometer is...Prehistorik! Hmmm. Looks like a modern-ish remake of the old platform game. Ah, pretty mindless.

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