Friday, 6 April 2018

Step on my old Psi 5s

I had a quick look into Psi 5 Trading Company at lunch today, and that's probably enough for me (gosh, I am getting a bit lax in my old age!). It's actually quite an interesting little game. It strangely reminded me of FTL but in real time. You pick a destination that you want to transfer your cargo to - the further away it is, the more money you'll get from the run. You then proceed to pick the crew, selecting different aliens for different roles in your ship - navigation, weapons, engineer, etc. You then jet off into space where in no time at all you'll be set upon by random pirates as you try to deliver your precious cargo on time. Through giving orders to your crew, you can control which weapons to fire, where to send your repair bots, when to boost the engines, when to boost the shields with emergency batteries and so on. There are a ton of options to choose from, and you'll need to rapidly switch between crew screens screaming orders to various aliens in order to complete your run. Strangely, when you do complete your run, there doesn't appear to be any option to go on and do another one. I thought you'd build a career jetting among the stars and building a trade empire, but it appears to be more of a score attack game, trying to better your last high-score by delivering goods farther and faster. A lovely bit of CGA and plenty to do, but I can't say I'd really recommend it.

Next up on the randometer is...GATO! Looks like an old submarine simulator. I'll give it a go over the weekend if I get a minute, but I don't think I'll spend long on it.

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