Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Skipping stones and catching up

Ack, it's been a while. I've been really busy with DIY projects in the evenings and full on work in the day. The only bit of time I've had recently has been weekend mornings on the PlayStation with the kids, so there's been a bit of progress there. There's a list of them that I've tried and given up on and some that I've finished, so I'll run through them quickly here.

First up, Hoard is a game where you play a dragon flying about and trying to capture treasure to add to your hoard. You can get it in various ways - looting caravans, taking princesses hostage, raiding other dragons, and more, but that's essentially all there is to the game. I think it potentially could have been more fun multiplayer, but it didn't feel like there was much to the single player campaign, you just flew around doing the same thing unlocking new pick-ups and abilities every now and then. It didn't grab me, so I moved on.

Next was Chime. Chime is a bit like Qix mixed with Tetris. You have to slot tetronimo blocks together to fill areas of the screen within a specific time limit. Once you have a full rectangle, it's locked down (though you can still add to it) and painted so you can move on to your next target area. As you do this, a bar moves across the screen making beautiful music from the shapes that you've created. It's a nice, chilled puzzle game...but it is a puzzle game, so I moved on.

Next up was Awesomenauts. I'd heard quite a bit of hype about this game - it's a kind of MOBA re-imagined as a platformer - but it turned out to be purely multiplayer. There is a short single-player practice mission, but it's not exactly exciting to play through, and it's over in a matter of minutes. This is made for online play, and that's not where I am. It looked mighty fine and all, it's just not for me. Moving on.

Next up was Retro/Grade. Retro/Grade is a rhythm action game dressed up as a shooter played backwards. That sounds weird and potentially interesting, but it really is just wrapping over a standard rhythm action game. That's not to say it's not innovative or that it's not a good game. I love a good rhythm action game, and this ticked a lot of boxes. I'd have maybe preferred it to be a little more varied - it only had 4 or so different moves - but it was fun while it lasted. I finished it on easy but tried a few harder modes and reckon I could have got through a few of them if I had the time and inclination. Good music and a fun game, but no real incentive to return to it once it's finished. Moving on.

Next up was Infamous: Festival of Blood. I completed the original Infamous a little while back, and this was a funny little minigame/level pack that they made with it. It's a new mission in the same game engine, but it only lasts a few hours. It's a whimsical side story where the main characters find themselves in a vampire-infested mardi gras, where Cole is turned into a vampire and has to find and defeat the leader of the vampires before day-break in order to sever the vampiric connection and return him to normal. The movement and combat is as fun as in the full game, but the missions only take up a small part of the map, and there's not really any reason to go exploring. There wasn't much of it and it wasn't very challenging, but it was fun and that's no bad thing. I've still got Infamous 2 coming up at some point, but that'll be whenever it raises its head on the PS3 list.

I've made a little progress with DOOM, but I feel like I haven't really connected with it. It's still beautiful and brutal and I'm pushing through it, but it hasn't grabbed me like I thought it would. Finally, after all this time, I went to try Blind Justice in earnest, only to find that it crashes as soon as I try and leave one area. A short search online shows that this is a known bug, so I guess I'm screwed/saved. Into the done pile it goes; onwards!

Next up on the randometer is...Freedom Planet! I don't know much about it. Looks like a fairly modern homage to the old Mega Drive Sonic games. Could be a breath of fresh air. Oh, and it's the Steam Summer Sale, and yes, of course I bought some games. I'm an idiot.