Thursday, 10 October 2019

Shorter and Sharper

Just a quick round-up, as there's been a bit of PS3 progress. Costume Quest 2 was short and sharp. Very similar to the first game - nothing spectacular, but nothing awful and didn't out-stay its welcome. Resogun was a shoot-em-up that everyone crowed about when it came out, but but it ended up being just like Defender, except not quite as fun. I wasn't feeling it at all so didn't give it much shrift. Along a similar vein was Red Faction: Battlegrounds. This was a mainly online multiplayer overhead driving game set inthe Red Faction universe. Think Super Sprint with tanks and guns. The only single-player part was a few training missions which just looped over and over getting a little harder each time. Not exactly inspiring or much fun. I did about two thirds of them before the repetition bored me. I also wrote off NBA 2K14 pretty quickly. It's just really not my thing. I spent longer in the character creator than I did in the game (and then couldn't work out how to actually get my newly created character into the game!). Next up is Red Dead Redemption, but I'm going to see if I can finish the first Devil May Cry before starting that so I don't forget how to play it.

On the PC front, I've played a bit of The Ship. Again, it's mostly online multiplayer, but there is a small single-player component. I've stalled on one mission, but it shouldn't take long to polish off.

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